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As network management consultants, Access Networks partners with industry leaders in cutting edge network management systems to put affordable, high performance network management system solutions to work for your business needs.

Viavi Solutions Network Management Systems
Viavi Solutions is a global leader in innovative and affordable network performance management and troubleshooting tools. It was the first to offer real-time comprehensive network monitoring, including Windows-based analysis, with drill-down troubleshooting capabilities for root-cause analysis, all within a single platform.

Viavi Solutions offers integrated software and hardware platform network management systems for a cost-effective, high performance solutions. Apex provides a top-down enterprise-wide approach with drill-down problem solutions, back-in-time analysis and reporting, application tools, trending, alarms, route monitoring, and more for overall network health and optimal performance.

  • Enterprise-Wide Reporting
  • Troubleshooting and Analysis
  • Retrospective Network Analysis
  • Infrastructure and Resource Monitoring (including Cloud based assets)
  • Management Server

Viavi Solutions products include Observer, Observer Apex , GigaStor (rackmount and portable form factors), Observer SightOps, Tap Products, and Packet Portal. For more information visit the Viavi website at:


GigaStorViavi Solutions most popular network management innovation is the GigaStor network recorder with 1, 10 or 40 Gb capture cards and time-based analysis that decreases resolution time with retrospective network analysis. It quickly assesses performance, aggregates data to pinpoint the root cause with link, user, and connection details, and monitors trends for future performance. The GigaStor also supports security teams in analyzing anomolous behavior. Scalable to multiple Petabytes in size..

APCON's INTELLAPATCH® switches are the industry's leading state-of-the-art device connectivity solution. Combined with the INTELLAFLEX™ Packet Aggregator family, INTELLAPATCH provides the widest array of modular switching solutions based on scalable chassis, multi-protocol blades, and intuitive embedded management software. APCON technology makes it possible to reduce monitoring equipment investments while maintaining 100% network visibility.

Netcordia Network Monitoring Software
As networks change and increase in complexity, Netcordia's NetMRI automates changes to reduce the need for monitoring and manual configurations, reducing costs while improving service and reducing risk.

With automatic audit changes and analysis, NetMRI views the complex relationships between devices to accurately determine the impact on network performance, allowing IT staff to spend fewer hours on manual tasks and troubleshooting issues. It reduces network risks by detecting and controlling changes from a single system, preventing misconfigurations and unauthorized changes. An IDC research study reports that NetMRI customers experience a 625% return on investment, with an average of $203,207 per year operational efficiency savings.
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Apcon Network Monitoring Devices
Apcon Network Monitoring Devices
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